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About Us

Our Collaborative Approach to Health

Warehouse workersSince 2011, we have taken a collaborative approach to wellness in our chiropractic care center. The The Health & Wellness Clinic is passionate about working with family members of every age, with a particular affinity for the rehabilitation of car accident victims. We offer a team approach to reinstating your wellness potential through the ideal pairings of acupuncture, professional massage therapy, functional medicine, targeted physiotherapy and state-of-the-art chiropractic care.

A Philosophy That Serves Everyone

Our mission is simple: to educate and empower everyone that walks through our door. Our hope is to elevate the health of every woman, man and child that becomes a member of our practice family.  We are able to accomplish that purpose through our compassionate, customized pathways that lead to true health and vitality. You will never find a cookie-cutter approach in our treatment recommendations, nor a lack of patient-focused commitment.

We are aware that every patient has a different story to tell. Some feel good, but just want to enhance their athletic performance. Others have chronic pain and suffer from a huge loss of hope. There are patients who have been involved in multiple car accidents and some with mystery symptoms that no one seems to be able to figure out. In the real world, patients cannot be treated with a one-size-fits-all mentality. We strive to do a good job in getting to the source of your problem and promise to provide you with every option that can point the way to relief and correction.

Our Practice Difference

Here are some of the additional ways that we stand out in the Grandview community:

  • We have multiple locations throughout the Grandview area.
  • Our offices provide citywide transportation for those who find themselves without a car following a vehicular collision.
  • We excel in the area of pain management.
  • All four of our convenient locations feature on-site imaging capabilities.
  • Many of our staff are bilingual to help you feel welcome.
  • We provide our patients with an array of well-respected treatment choices all under one roof.
Meet Our Team

You’ll find that our research-based treatment is consistent and reliable. Our care is patient-centered and supportive, and we promise to always exceed your expectations of hope and healing. Contact us today; we’re here to help.


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